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Hello new followers! Sorry for being rather inactive as of the past few days! My sister is visiting me, so we’ve been travelling around and I haven’t had much time to blog!
Here’s a terrible a blurry picture that I snapped of Shibuya 109 tonight. I’ll be back to blogging like… well I guess like a blogger soon.
Cheers! <3

Hello new followers! Sorry for being rather inactive as of the past few days! My sister is visiting me, so we’ve been travelling around and I haven’t had much time to blog!

Here’s a terrible a blurry picture that I snapped of Shibuya 109 tonight. I’ll be back to blogging like… well I guess like a blogger soon.

Cheers! <3

As I mentioned earlier, I really like talking about TWEWY and it’s universe! If you have any questions or like… just want to ask me my opinion about stuff, please send them my way C: 


So the reason I reread the Secret Reports yesterday was because I remembered a certain line that Hanekoma writes in one—

“This may sound odd, but one may also choose to be reincarnated. Well, the word “reincarnation” is not quite accurate, for the humans of the UG are not truly dead. They merely possess different Soul code, and have been tuned in to a different plane.”

The way this is phrased makes what he’s trying to say not very clear. What exactly does he mean by “not truly dead?” The way he says it doesn’t come off to me as meaning that they’re in some kind of weird limbo, as “death” would most likely be defined by Hanekoma as “truly ceasing to exist,” as in the pieces of Soul are destroyed. This is based on how he talks about similar topics throughout the reports, which I’m too lazy to actually quote.

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Oooh! I have my two cents about this! (Well, rambles at the very least)

So, first things first: I’m a bit all over the place with this so I apologize for that! You bring up a very valid question. Where do the bodies go - or do they go anywhere? Are they even dead? I think, what happens, when the Soul Code is edited, that their physical representation in the RG is shifted. I feel like spirited away would be an appropriate term. But, this is a very complicated situation when you take into account Shiki, the Reapers, and the Composer himself (as well as Hanekoma). I’m not sure if there will ever be a straight answer to this question because of this. It raises a lot of questions about reincarnation too! There’s just so many factors.

Like, first - Shiki. When entered into the game, had her appearance changed (her entrance fee). I believe this is a frequency/Soul Code change. During that week we clearly see the real ‘Shiki’ - Eri. Eri mentions that Shiki died and speaks about her in past tense. Shiki also passed away in an accident, people are aware that she is dead (much like the Rhyme/Beat situation). They are very publicly dead. That brings up the question - what happens when someone is ‘reincarnated’ or basically shifted back to the RG? I think the Composer can shift/change people’s memories on a grander scale - think what Shades was trying to do with the pin except more refined and with certain people. Shades was only acting Composer and couldn’t actually reincarnate people, he didn’t have the power (Imagination) to do so (as stated by one of the reports). If we include memory altercation as part of the reincarnation process, in-game events support it. (I mean, who wouldn’t be weirded out seeing someone who had died three weeks ago wandering about!)

Appearance/Youth - It’s not about age, it’s about Imagination. Only those with a strong Imagination can play the game - since you need Imagination to be able to wield psyches so and so on. So, those who die, who aren’t pulled into the game, they are broken down into Soul which then has the potential to become anything - part of the refining process. Youth is no guarantee of Imagination, just like age isn’t a guarantee of wisdom. That kind of thing. But, I do believe, youth have the most potential for Imagination. Mayhaps, as one grows older, their Soul can actually be worn down? Who knows! But we do know that not everyone appears the age that they passed away in the UG - case and point is Joshua. I think at some point, if you posses a large enough Soul/have enough Imagination (in other words, power) you can decide on how you look? Reapers have an expanded lifespan and the Composer is implied to be immortal. The goal of the Reapers is to eventually become powerful enough to become the Composer (grunts -> officers -> Composer). Joshua when he de-powers he de-powers so much that he appears very youthful (thus cannot be detected power wise nor appearance wise). However, it is also said that Reapers aren’t affected so much by shifting between planes/power levels. So. It could go either way. But when you look at the Officers they’re all clearly adults - in fact several look to be above (or could be above) 30. So. Power I think. 

It seems that the goal of the Higher Plane, or the purpose for our world existing is to refine Soul, and I agree that it implies that eventually… our world will shift to the Higher Plane. But I think that is a long long time away (could potentially be tied in with Buddhism, if that makes sense. Continuously reincarnated until reaching Enlightenment and thus breaking out of the circle of death and reincarnation). 

Mmm, I think Soul might be produced naturally?? Like in the sense of ‘for every action there is a reaction’ type kind of thing (for every bit of Soul destroyed maybe somewhere Soul is created and then that’s refined and… so on). The cycle might seem endless, but in the end I think it’s just a very long process?  Imagination on the other hand… is different and act different from Soul? I think Imagination might have to do with soul refining (the more refined the Soul, the more potential for Imagination?) or may just possibly be a luck of the draw thing. Those with the strongest Imagination at the end of the game can become Reapers, be invited to the Higher Plane or, if they choose to be reincarnated, can spread their Imagination to others (example: Shiki and her sewing work) (or that’s how I imagine it to work!). So. I think it’s exempt from the cycle. It helps refine, and is power in the higher planes such as the UG, but it doesn’t have a set pattern/cycle. 

I love love love talking about the world building/mechanics of TWEWY Universe! It’s just /endlessly/ fascinating. 

Sorry for such a rambling response back c: I just wanted to add my thoughts to yours!!

Introduction? Introduction. 

Hi there! Welcome to this blog! My main purpose for creating this blog is basically just talk about The World Ends With You. Which means, in this case, the game itself, the characters, the music, the world building. So and a so forth. 

Most of it will probably be me talking, because I love to talk. Not going to lie. Not gonna lie at all there. However, I will also reblog stuff because that’s what the cool kids doing these days. 

Two things!

1.This blog will not be spoiler free. I will be talking about the game in it’s entirety, including end game and well… after game spoilers. I will do my best to tag all spoilers with appropriate tags, but I may slip up (and I apologize for that). 

2. This is not my main blog so updates/talking ect will likely be sporadic. This is also not an RP blog. Just so you’re aware! 

I also l write fanfiction, and I’m planning a fic for TWEWY so occasionally I might mention that. But yeah. Guess that’s the deal.

Thanks for reading c:

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